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Calgary Pergola - A Complete Guide

Pergolas are a statement piece that bring an undeniable beauty and elegance to your yard while having undeniable functionality and purpose. You deserve an outdoor area you’ll love, use, and enjoy all year. 

Calgary Pergolas are a fundamental and useful feature to invest in if you want to get the most out of your backyard. They can be used to cover a deck, patio, garden or hot tub area. They are one of the earliest garden constructions and have endured through the ages due to their beauty and functionality. 

These architectural ideas have evolved in the modern era to better suit our lifestyles, expanding how we entertain and utilize our homes.

PERGOLA – pronunciation Per gow luh

In addition, decks with pergolas can add major value and curb appeal to a new or existing home and transform backyards into more functional spaces!

However, you may still have some questions about pergolas, their purpose and what options you have before building one? 

We want to help you! Our company has a solid client base in Calgary, Alberta, and the experience to build the deck and pergola of your dreams!

A Brief History of Pergolas 

The name “pergola” has its roots in the Late Latin word “pergula,” which denotes “protruding eave” (an eave is the part of a roof that joins or overhangs a building’s walls). also known as arbor , trellis ,gazebo. 

Pergolas have endured through the ages despite their current resurgence. The earliest recorded garden pergola dates to 1400 BC. In fact, the first pergola is thought to have belonged to a Theban official of the Egyptian high court.   

While the origin of the first pergola is unknown, it is believed that rich, ancient Egyptians used these ornamental structures as a haven from the sweltering sun.  

The Different Types of Pergola Construction

Most pergola builders offer extremely customizable pergolas, so there are no restrictions on size or shape. Here are some of the common types of pergolas:

Freestanding Pergola

A freestanding pergola is precisely what it sounds like: a canopy that stands apart from your house as a landscaping feature. This pergola would be used in a garden, by a pool, or to construct an outdoor living area separate from the home.

ANGLED Pergola

Most pergola designs have flat roofs or are square but you can also find ones with arched roofs or are triangular. The angled pergolas can feel more romantic, creative and offer your area a more exquisite and distinctive look.

Attached Pergola

One side of an attached pergola fastens directly to a house wall. This design would be appropriate if you wanted to cover a deck or patio attached to your home. Instead of looking like a separate area, a linked pergola can make an outdoor living area feel like an addition to an internal space.

Louvered Pergola 

A louvered pergola uses movable louvers as rafters instead of conventional slats. You can open and close the louvers to allow sunlight inside. Louvered pergolas come in automatic and manual designs to open and close.

The Benefits of Building a Pergola

Pergolas are excellent, classic outdoor elements for both residential and commercial buildings. It creates an atmosphere, offers privacy and shade, redefines dining locations, and improves the beauty of gardens. 

Some of the benefits of building a pergola include:

The Different Ways to Decorate a Pergola

Pergolas become more versatile when you include accessories to decorate them. If a pergola alone is insufficient to accomplish your landscaping vision, adding extras like these will probably be just what you need:


Shade Canopy

You can select a cloth cover, a shade tarp, a retractable canopy, or even a transparent cover that lets in sunshine but shields from rain and debris, depending on your needs.



There are several ways to make your pergola more private. Attaching curtains to both sides is one simple fix. Whether you want privacy or enjoy the view, you can open or close them.



You may want to install lighting for dinner parties and nighttime gatherings. Lighting also adds a beautiful evening vibe that makes guests feel cozy and welcome.