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Do you plan to build a deck on your property? That’s a great idea! Decks are perfect if you want to spend some time relaxing, sharing with the family, or just resting after a long day of work.

In addition, decks can add value to a new or existing home and transform backyards into more functional spaces!

However, you may still have some questions about decks and what to know before building one, right?

We want to help you!We are a Deck contractor first and formost , with solid customer base in Calgary, Alberta, and the experience to build the deck of your dreams using the premium materials.

Whether you need help with the entire deck building process or just a part of it, we can provide you an estimate! We have the experience with Calgary Deck’s. Our construction crew can provide answer to questions you may have. 


There are a lot of different types of decks! Also, depending on your requirements or your outdoor space’s size, you can make some modifications to have a custom structure.

Also you will need to choose between  a : Wood deck –  Composite lumber deck

In any scenario, these are the types of  decking you can choose:

Wraparound Deck

Similar to a traditional wraparound porch, this type of deck often “wraps around” the house, either on two sides or the entire house.

Wraparound decks are also larger, smoother, and extend into the property’s living space. In addition, these structures favour air circulation!

Attached Deck

Attached decks can be similar to patios. However, they are usually made of wood or wood composite.

This type of deck is usually attached to properties’ backs but is common in L-shaped and U-shaped houses.

Detachable Deck

A detached deck can resemble a small island. These structures work well in those areas with access via stairs or if there’s a pathway.

In addition, they can be the perfect solution in areas with bumpy and rocky terrain. Complemented with landscaping flowers or plants, these decks are beautiful options!

Multi-Tier Deck

Also known as two-story decks, these structures are perfect for those with large properties.

These decks have different levels connected by steps or paths and can maximize the space you have on your property or add visual appeal!

Rooftop or Over Garage Deck

Do you have a flat roof on top of your garage? If so, having this type of deck is the best way to go!

These decks are ideal for urban dwellers! Plus, they offer the best views, more privacy, and are cooler!

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DECK KING is dedicated to providing Calgary residents with the best possible decks. Our products are of the highest quality, and our team takes pride in delivering top-quality decks to our clients.

Home improvement makes a Difference

When it comes to enjoying the outdoors, there's nothing like decking it up in style. But before you can start planning your dream deck, you'll need to understand Calgary's regulations. That's where our team of deck contractors come in handy. Not only can they answer all your questions about local bylaws and deck construction materials, but they can also recommend the best option for your particular project. Plus, if you ever have any questions or concerns along the way, DECK KING is always available to help.

Renovation for any budget

DECK KING is a reliable contractor that always strives to provide the best possible value for your project. We believe in being upfront and honest with our clients, which is why we always quote contracts accurately and fairly. Our team of experienced professionals will take care of everything from start to finish, so you can relax and enjoy your new deck!

Our Reputation Matters

DECK KING strives to be known as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced companies in the industry. To stay ahead of the curve, our deck builders constantly innovate new designs, techniques, and styles. Our team is always up-to-date on the latest materials and deck building methods to create a product that perfectly matches your lifestyle, budget, and expectations. Thanks for choosing our company!

Finding a reliable deck contractor is not difficult! Also, if you want to save time, you can call us and check by yourself that we meet these criteria.

Our team has extensive experience and the best tools to build decks adapted to your needs and tastes. In addition, we can estimate a fair price and discuss all the details, so you know where every penny of your investment goes!

What to Consider When

If you have already chosen the right contractor, you have the budget and the perfect design, what is the next step?

Before building a deck or hiring deck building services, you should keep a few things in mind to avoid mistakes and get the best results. These are:

Purpose and function

Why do you need a deck? How will you use it? Are you looking for privacy or a place to dine outside? Before building one, you should answer these questions and consider key aspects like the weather.


Sometimes, finding a good place to build a deck only takes a few minutes. However, many houses may have more than one possible location. Review your property and analyze wind patterns, panoramic views, and privacy.


Do you think your budget is enough for your deck's size? Remember that you should also make sure you have enough money to afford the materials and designs you want.

Know the materials

Decks can be made of treated wood, hardwood, or composite materials. Some are easier to maintain, while others offer more durability. Define your needs and choose a material accordingly.


People often make their decks match their houses' style, but it's up to you. Choose the design you like the most and check if it can be built on your property!

Added Items

Once the deck is built, what do you need? You can equip this space with outdoor patio cushions, garden supplies, toys, and more, and don't forget the lighting!

Why Build a Deck? Know the Benefits!

You have to think about too many things to build a deck at home, but it’s worth it! Do you want to know why? These are some benefits that these structures bring!

Deck Building Process Explained: The Steps We Take

Have you already made a decision? That’s great! It’s time to get to work. If you choose us, these are the steps we go through in a deck building process:



We create the perfect design with you to build the deck you've always dreamed of! Do you have a photo of the style you want? Show it to our team!



After choosing the perfect design, it's time to pick the material. If you hire us, you can get professional advice to choose the best material according to the weather and your needs.



We create a render to show what the final result would look like!



We install screw piles that function as your deck foundation to ensure that the deck and frame have something solid to sit on top of.



In this step, we will build the deck frame and use the best materials to ensure the highest quality results.



It's installation time! Depending on the size and type of deck, this process could take a few full days.



A good deck isn't complete without a reliable, good-looking railing. Therefore, we take care of that in this step!



Your deck has been built! Now, we'd like to show you what we've done through a walkthrough!

Common Deck Problems and the Best Solutions to Fix Them

Even the best decks can have some problems. However, there’s always a solution. Here are some:

Do You Need Some Deck Design Ideas? Find Some Here!

Do you want your deck to be unique and catch all eyes? Here are some design ideas you can consider:

Choose Modern Railing

If your deck’s style is traditional or old-fashioned, you can add a unique and eye-catching touch with modern railings.

Some have black balusters that combine perfectly with wood railings. Calgary,AB

Add a Privacy Fence

If you are concerned about your privacy or have a built-in hot tub on your deck, you can add a privacy fence by converting the railing into a screen that blocks views.

Build a Pergola

It’s a great option if you need a space to relieve yourself from the sun. Some decks have been adapted to provide both a shaded and an open area filled with sunshine!

Frequently Asked Questions about Decks

If you have more questions about decks or our deck building services, check out our FAQ section:

Yes, you can build a deck yourself! However, you should keep in mind that while building a deck yourself can help you save money, hiring contractors is the best option if you want better results.

Depending on your city's regulations, you may need a permit. Therefore, before starting the process, you should ask for information about the security codes. This way, you avoid violating any regulations while building your deck.

If you are going to entrust such an important job to others, you must make sure that they know how to build decks, right?

If you want to find out if the deck builders you chose are experienced, just ask all the questions you have in your head and find out if they really have enough knowledge to offer the service you need.

You can also ask them for photos of the decks they have built before, check their portfolio, and look for reviews online to know other clients' experiences!