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While you may put a lot of care into choosing the decking materials that provide the floor of your deck, deck railings add just as much of an aesthetic touch. In fact, from most vantage points and when viewed from a distance, deck railings are the first thing you see. With that in mind, the railing you choose defines the look and style of your deck.

Handrails are not only attractive architectural features, but they also serve as boundaries to keep you, children and pets safe and secure. They can also be a vital component of maintaining your property’s accessibility. 

If you are seeking a beautiful deck railing that enhances your house’s design, we’ll find a railing for you that complements your deck, your style and your way of life.

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Different Types of handrails

Traditional wood Railings

These railings are often the least expensive choice and most popular with new homebuilders or those trying to embrace the natural wood look. These can be made of classic poplar, pine, cedar, pressure treated or redwood and have a basic railing design.

Custom Wood rail

Custom wood railings are made from specialty wood types and come in any size or shape imaginable. Depending on their intricate bevels and design, they will require a specialized carpenter to fabricate and install them. These railings frequently go well with more expensive decking or delicate timbers that offer longevity and richness, like red heart cedar, old age redwood, or mahogany.

Aluminum/metal Railings

Aluminum/metal powder coated railings are probably the most common in the Calgary market due to their long-lasting, weather-resistant, warranty products. They is a simple method to give your deck some character. They also have a wide variety of options from picket to glass and can be mounted to fit your deck design. This deck railing is sturdy and fashionable, less work to maintain, and affordable for most.

Composite Deck Railings

Composite deck railings are exceptionally weather-resistant and require no upkeep because they are built from a combination of wood and plastic scraps. Since they can tolerate continual outdoor exposure and repel water, composite rails require no maintenance. While being more weather-resistant, it performs a decent job of being a convincing wood knockoff.

railing material pros and cons
Used to Build Calgary Deck Railings

Depending on the view from your deck and from inside your house, you may want a railing you can look through with minimal obstruction, or you may prefer a more solid railing that calls attention to itself. Before you choose what railing material you want installed on your deck, here are some things to consider.


A classic option, wood railings, are easily handcrafted and often constructed from pressure-treated wood or cedar. Wood railings are the least expensive option, but they also require the greatest upkeep because they must be painted or stained to last. This type of railing is often chosen for our wood lovers and those wanting to keep the natural vibe to their home. Keep in mind that wood is extremely customizable so this can also be one of our most expensive options pending what wood type is used and the design choosen.


Composite railing is a fantastic alternative to use if your looking for a low-maintenance solution. Composite railing is made from a mix of natural wood fibers and recycled plastics, capped with a tough PVC shell. Although they are more on the expensive spectrum, they are extremely weather-resistant, maintenance-free and long-lasting which make the cost easier to swallow. This kind of railing enhances the curb appeal with its elegant wood doppelganger elements and can handle the fluctuating temperatures in Alberta which is a win-win.


Aluminum deck railings need little to no upkeep and is a timeless, clean and simple choice. Although there are numerous possibilities for more modern, custom railings, standard picket railing is still frequently used because it is the most affordable. It can withstand harsh weather conditions without much upkeep and doesn’t require much maintenance to keep in good condition. It is one of the most popular options for metal railings and comes in various finishes such as powder coat.


If you want to enjoy the sights your deck offers, glass is a terrific alternative because it is elegant yet strong and versatile. Typically, aluminum serves as the external frame and posts, with either clear, privacy, or smoked glass to create the overall vibe and vision your looking to achieve. Topless glass railings are more expensive but are frequently utilized by homeowners who want a clear view from above. When it comes to deck railing, glass is the luxury show-stopper option